21 Additions To The Ultimate Monsoon OST Playlist

Shaam ki chai, baarish, aur un ka khayaal. These things can either really well, or they can mess with your head, to no end. So whether you’re fresh in love, or comfortable with the idea of it; whether you’re pinning for that one person who won’t reply back; whether you’ve just come out of heartbreak, or if you just like good music. Poori dunya gawah hai ke humaarey OSTs are the best in the world. Not only do they give you a feeler for the whole drama, they also make for an amazing addition to all our playlists. This one, is our Monsoon playlist! So, let’s get right into it.

  1. Sanam

The storyline was sweet, the OST was even sweeter. We miss our #OsMaya ship, tho. BRING IT BACK. Shuja Haider is a genius as a composer and singer. Wether it’s Coke Studio or heartbreaking churning OSTs out one after the other.

2. Meray Pass Tum Ho

This multi-dimensional sensation that this drama was, the OST only helped make it better. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice will silently creep into your heart and break it 🙂

3. Mera Naam Yousuf Hai

This gem from Nescafe Basement has been a favourite for many ever since it originally came out. Rizwan Anwar has got this deep familiarity in his voice, that will make you miss your ex even if you don’t have one.

4. Dhaani

Uff, this rendition of the qawalli and Zamad Baig’s voice, will take your baarish experience to a whole other level.

5. Jackson Heights

If this song doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, I’m not sure what will. Rizwan Anwar’s voice filling up your soul along with the musical maestro that is Saad Sultan, does a song really need more?

6. Ruswai

A song as heartwrenching as the show, itself, you can’t get enough of either.

7. Humsafar

Circling back to one of the OG OSTs that took our breaths away and made us believe in the power of music, again. Even as a stand alone song, this is beautiful, but when you use it as a narration to the story line for Humsafar, you’ll learn to appreciate it in a whole different light. Quratulain Baloch’s vocals give it the kick and the emotions it requires. And the lyrics will, obvs, make it rain from your eyes, this monsoon, too.

8. Aangan

Did the show do as well as we were all expecting it to? Probably not. But this OST did all that and much more.

9. Hania

Uff, Bayaan knows how to work their magic on everything they touch. One of the most beautiful songs off of their album, Suno, Din Dhallay also found its way to becoming the soundtrack for the thrilling Hania.

10. Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Zindagi khaak na thi, khaak urratey guzri. The song is the soul of the entire show.

11. Deewangi

Sahir Ali Bagga is no less than a magician with music. He composes so brilliantly and more so, he sings so well!

12. Alif

Shuja Haider is at it again! This man can churn out AMAZING msuic one after the other, and we are not complaining. Sign us up for front row tickets to all his concerts.

13. Ishqiya

Love love love this!

14. Khaani


15. Tera Ghum Aur Hum

Didn’t need to flex so hard, but okay.

16. Yakeen Ka Safar

We’ve made no efforts in hiding our love for this show. Whether it was when it came out, or even now. We may not have liked the OST when it first came out but you cannot deny the fact that every time your hear it, it throws you back to some major #AsfIya vibes.

17. Anaa

Pyaar hai tum se magar, pyaar se dar lagta hai. The catchiest tune to come out of 2019. Loved the show, loved the ships, loved the OST.

18. Khamoshi

Uff, ye bhi kya show tha!

19. Mann Mayal

Haye, dil dhadakne ka sabab yaad aya. It’s this OST. Kya gaana hai, kya khoobsurat tareen gana hai.

20. Ehd e Wafa

Our generation’s Alpha Bravo Charlie also didn’t disappoint with both it’s OSTs, either. We still hadn’t gotten over aankhein dekhti reh jaati hain, aur sapne duur nikal jaate hain, when we were hit with, oh mere yaara teri yaariyaan ❤

21. Diyar e Dil

Ye haseen waadiyaan, ye khula aasman. Diyar e dil brought us all of that and a lot more. It not only showcased Pakistan’s AMAZING landscape but also, gave us a tight story line. AND THIS OST.

Did we miss out your favourite? Let us know! Okay byeee ~

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