THE HARDEST PAKISTANI DRAMA QUIZ EVER: Can You Guess These Pakistani Actors JUST By Their Noses?

Yes, you have one drama to watch for every day of the week. Haan haan, you follow @sajaldramgirl and @mukhtarkideewani on Instagram, to stay in touch with everything that’s happening in the lives of your favourite actors. You their pets’ names, you know what they ate for food, you think you’re a HUGE fan. But are you, really?

If you said yes to that last question, think again, please. Because you can only call yourself a fan of Pakistani dramas ONLY if you do well on this quiz. Here’s the real challenge. You have to figure out who these Pakistani actors are just by looking at their noses. Challein? Kerein? Challo kero.

How did you do? Are you still a fan? Let us know in the comments, below! Can’t wait to hear from you. Okay byeeee ❤

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