Uhhh… Did Mawra Hocane Really Just Say That Lahori Men Harass Women ‘For Fun’ Aur Bus Bhai Kerte Raho?!

Ah Lahore. The city of gardens. The land of the Mughals. The territory for serial harassers? Pffft. That’s no big deal. Welcome to Lahore. It’s a city where we know better than to dress a certain way, while going to certain places, because e know certain men won’t be able to control their emotions and will definitely call out to you. In that moment, you go into shock. You don’t really know what’s happening. Those of you who are brave enough for screaming at these men, or better yet, properly confronting them, we love you.

Most women, however, feel the need to run away from the situation, because let’s get real. We all know we’re going to get blamed for it. Regardless of what we were wearing, doing, saying. The blame will come on us. Shayad kaprey zyaada tang the. Dupatta liya hua tha? Sar per nahi liya ho ga. Oho, sar per bhi liya hua tha? Abaya nahi pehna ho ga. Pehna hua tha? Shayad niqab na kiya ho? Chehra bhi dhakka tha? Uff, auratoun ka kaam hi nahi hai gher se baahir nikalna. Itni kya taqleef thi ya itna kya koi zuroori kaam tha? Kutte ko haddi daalo, woh khaye ga. Lollipop ko na dhakko, chiuntiyaan aayein gi. Gosht khula chhor do, makhi aaye gi.

Whenever we’re done comparing men to dogs, ants and flies, we might want to address the actual problem: the harassment and the reaction. A lot of people believe that a glare or a ‘ghussey ki nazar’ is encouragement. It’s some form of reaction, isn’t it?

I know, it sounds disgusting. Why do women have to go through this? And rest assured, your friends, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, house help have ALL gone through this and are subjected to being catcalled, verbally harassed, groped and physically assaulted in public. With nobody stepping forward to help. Ulti aati hai na soch ker? Kya kerein? Sub auratoun ko gher per betha lein?

Well, Mawra Hocane has an amazing suggestion. ENJOY KEREIN. In this video, Mawra says ke ‘ye tau Lahore ka fun hai, larkey chher rahay hain, gaariyoun mein music lagaya hua hai’ wait WHAT?!

Let’s hear that again. THAT’S THE FEEL OF LAHORI EID.


And when the Queen of cringe, Nida Yasir, asks her, ‘ubhi bhi koi chhere koi masla nahi?’ Ms Hocane says noooope. Unki bhi Eid hai…

Not only is she a BARRISTER AT LAW, she’s also a public celebrity with a voice. With a drama that’s currently on air, which makes her a trending celebrity. Needless to say, not only is she fuelling the harassment culture, she’s managed to piss off most people with her statement. Do you blame them?

No only did she make it seem like girls were not really bothered by harassment, but that they actually were OKAY WITH IT?!

This entire thread

She also pretty much led Lahore’s reputation down a really long, dirty gutter. And, now, apart from siri paaye, the Sharifs and Jahangir ka maqbara, Lahore will also be known as the city of harassers? Yay.

And this trhead

Honestly, there is nothing that Mawra can now say that will ever justify what’s already been said. No apology can undo this, because nobody’s really gonna listen to it. The damage is done. And the sad part is, she’s not the one who will have to pay the price for this.

Do you think Mawra needs to clear her statement or nothing she says can fix this? Do you think these morning shows are more a pain in the bum, than anything else? Let us know. Okay byeeee ~

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