Scene Of The Week – Ehd e Wafa

After a rather long low in terms of quality, the Pakistani drama industry is back to producing some really high quality scripts.

Our latest series, ‘Scene Of The Week’ is where we will be picking our top scene of the week.

This week three dramas had really solid episodes – Alif, Ehd-e-Wafa and Ruswai…and while Alif and Ruswai were overall in terms of the storytelling, the choice came down to two scenes from Ehd-e-Wafa…the first where @ahmedaliakbarofficial ‘s character Sheheryar comes across Fridaus Sahab and the second, the scene between @aclockworkobi ‘s Shahzain and @ahadrazamir ‘s Saad.

Ahmed Ali’s acting was unlike anything we’ve seen on our small screens in a while – it was impossible to hold back the tears as he broke down. A scene I wanted to watch instantly but knew that I couldn’t handle emotionally a second time…

But as heartbreaking as the scene with Sheheryar was, our pick for the Scene Of The Week, is this one – where the formerly inseparable friends turned people who couldn’t bear to see each other’s faces come face to face once again after years.

Over the years (and episodes) there have been many moments where the two have thought of each other fondly, leaving us with no doubt that the brotherhood and love had managed to survive in some small way deep down in their hearts.

But alas, each time we thought they were ready to forgive each other, their pride came in the way.

Not this time though. I love how the mood of scene transitions over the course of its 4-odd minutes.

What starts as a chance encounter proves to be too much for either to hold back on their true emotions. And finally their hurt and pain and the yearning for what was once their defining friendship comes to the surface, reaching a high point when Shahzain tells Saad that, ‘Tu jaanta hai na, keh tujhe meri nahi, mujhe teri zyada zaroorat thi’ and Saad confesses keh woh bhi thak gaya hai. Is nafrat se.

In that moment they are at their most vulnerable – two seemingly successful people, living their best lives, but carrying around the burden of a broken friendship for far, far too long.

There’s something so stark about their surroundings too – two people standing in the middle of nowhere with none of the other friends around. It’s just them standing there with their emotional baggage as the world passes them by.

What did you think of this scene? What was your favourite scene? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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