It’s no secret that Osman Khalid Butt aka Obi has been a firm favourite for all of us at Orange Wall since his vlogging days (which by the way you need to watch if you haven’t already…we’d recommend starting with Meera vs The English Language😉 ). So we all know that Osman’s a fairly good looking man (hehe) who can definitely shake a leg and make everyone else shake theirs, too. But there’s so much more to the guy off-screen, as well. We’ve never heard any of his co-stars say anything mean about him. And while he’s never had any public tu tu mein meins with any of his colleagues, he is NEVER going to shy away from voicing his opinions about things that really matter. And that kinda takes us to the beginning of our list of reasons why we think Obi’s the man of everyone’s dreams.


1. He’s always used his voice in the best way possible – whether it’s in support of his co-actors and friends (remember when he supported Mahira Khan), or when there’s a film that he believes in and it’s being threatened with a non-release or even if it being supportive of basic decency towards women on Twitter. The man does it all. And my God, there’s a lot of people that he’s stood by, and lots more that he has schooled for their lack of respect towards others, especially women.


2. He is, hands down, one the most multi-talented people in the industry…seriously, name one other person who can write kick-ass movie scripts (Janaan), choreograph the year’s party anthem, (Billo Hai from Parchi), give incredible live performances (at Shakespeare’s Globe in London no less and a bunch of theatre plays in Pakistan of course)  and of course play some fantastic characters on our screens!

obi 124232
source: instagram.com/aclockworkobi


3. He’s given us some of our favourite performances in recent years. Whether it was the cute, clumsy, yet super adorable Aun from Aun Zara, or the conflicted, yet full of love Wali Suhaib Khan from Diyar E Dil. And even right now, he’s given us one of our favourite characters, on air: the struggling-with-his-own-emotions Shahzain in Ehd E Wafa, among so many more performances!

source: instagram.com/aclockworkobi


4. This guy’s a literal encyclopaedia about all things pop culture. From the woes of the Targaeryans, the zyaadtiyaan of the Lannisters, if you’re confused about something within the chambers of Annalise Keating, or you’re looking for a particular verse from a particular Madhubala song. Whether something’s amiss in your mind about a conversation that took place in Central Perk, or a mystery within Hogwarts. Whether you have one problem or Eleven, Obi’s got you covered. Don’t worry.

obi lamo
source: instagram.com/aclockworkobi


5.  His wardrobe is worthy of a whole other article. The man does us proud, every time he walks the red carpet. Actually, any carpet. Gher ka bhi ho sakta hai. He always brings something new to the floor! From colourful blazers to shoes that instantly grab attention (for all the right reasons), Obi tops most of well-dressed lists for award functions!

obi wardrobe
source: instagram.com/aclockworkobi


6. The guy’s a solid yaaroun ka yaar. He’s always on the frontline at every mehndi ka dance.  You can tell just how much he loves his friends and how much they love him back.

obi dostoig
source: instagram.com/aclockworkobi


7. And it’s not just his friends, his co-stars seem to be falling in love with him, left right and centre. Whether it’s his jealousy-inducing friendship with Maya Ali, or his mother-son relationship with Hina Bayat ji. To the obvious camaraderie he shares with Zara Noor Abbas, and the bond that he shares with Meera. His bonds and love seem to last him a lifetime.

source: instagram.com/aclockworkobi


8. He sounds like a total family man. Whether we talk about his heartbreaking posts about his gorgeous mother, the love he has for his brother and sister, it’s all a refreshing change in our alienated, nuclear society. And the love he has for his family actually shines through in his personality, no matter where he goes.

obi family damily
source: instagram.com/aclockworkobi


9. Obi brightens up any room he walks in. Whether it’s the way he has to greet everyone present, or his infectious smile, or just the way he is.

obi smiles
source: instagram.com/aclockworkobi


All in all, we’re trying to say that we’re also kinda in love with the person that Osman Khalid Butt is. The way he is, the way he interacts with his fans, his friends, his colleagues, his family, the man’s a whole package. And we’d like to wish him a very very very happy birthday! May we always see you reach higher, stand against all odds, and be the most amazing version of yourself. Love you!

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