Scene Of The Week – Alif

This week once again saw powerful sequences and performances. While the boys in Ehd e Wafa belted out some memorable scenes, the one scene that absolutely stood out for me was the showdown between Qalb e Momin and Sultan in Alif. ⁣

Umera Ahmad and Haseeb Hassan have woven a delicious narrative where the characters are now fully etched out and the story is moving towards its climax. This scene in particular, where Qalb e Momin finally comes face to face with Sultan, and the truth that he has been punishing the wrong person for his world breaking down around him all those years ago is a masterclass in acting. ⁣

For years, Momin suffered with the silent anger that simmered inside him towards his mother, Husn e Jahan and what he thought was her infidelity towards Taha. I had been anxiously waiting for the scene where he would learn the truth and I have to say that Hamza, Saleem Mairaj, Sajal and Lubna Aslam delivered and how! ⁣

I lived the emotions of the scene with the actors every step of the scene. I felt the unbreakable bond Sultan had with Husn e Jahan in the way Sultan defended her, I felt Momina being torn between the two men that she loves and most of all my heart broke with Momin’s as he found out the truth, and realised that he had misunderstood his mother and harboured a storm inside of himself which had led him to hate and blame her. Hamza’s portrayal of Momin in this scene is something that will stay with me for a long time. The heartbreak, the anger, the hopelessness, the guilt – what a fantastic scene. ⁣

Watch the scene here:

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