Ladies, Answer These 9 Questions And We’ll Tell You Which Ehd E Wafa Boy Is Your Soulmate

Let’s face it, we all have special soft corners for the boys in our favourite new-age-Alpha-Bravo-Charlie, Ehd E Wafa. Whether it is the very emotionally reserved, broody Shahzain, who you can’t help but feel bad for, but also find extremely good looking, at the same time. The man knows exactly what he wants and won’t stop till he gets it. Or the heartwarming man that is Saad, he’s emotionally aware, he’ll stick up for his girl, his relationship with his parents is just adorable. There’s also the transparent Sherry. The yaaroun ka yaar who will probably be standing by you even if you’ve killed someone, only to ask you where you plan on burying the body. Sherry’s extremely progressive in terms of  his views on women. We have the very driven Shariq, who is headstrong, and will do anything to keep his integrity intact. He will make sure that the people who prop him up, in life, he keeps them them by his side. Doesn’t let them fall behind. He will also never compromise on his honesty. Which is ALWAYS a plus. We’ve also got one of our absolute favourite characters, Gulzar. Yaaaaaar what a gem of a guy. Always there for his friends. Always trying to make serious situations a little more bearable. And always striving to be a better version of himself, as well. What a solid solid solid guy. And an absolute family man. Then we have Raheel. What do we say about Raheel? Let’s not say anything. Apni kismet apne haath mein.

So who’s gonna be your soulmate, this Valentine’s Day? Take this quiz to find out.

Okay byeeeee ~

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