Here Are 8 WTF Moments From The Meray Paas Tum Ho Finale

So now that we (along with every other Pakistani) have taken some time to come to terms with the ending  of ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’, here are all the things that made us go WTF about the last episode!

P.S. Before we start, kudos to the director, Nadeem Baig, and the actors Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, Ayeza Khan, Hira Mani and especially Shees, for creating a story that has had audiences hooked for months.

  • In the final scene between Maham and Shahwar, Adnan Siddiqui’s character Shahwar, very conveniently dumps all and any blame of the affair on Mehwish. He goes on to say that women like Mehwish go out of their way looking for men and opportunities to be disloyal to their husbands because they are hungry for money and a better life than their husbands can provide them with. It really surprised me as an audience member as I was left to remember all those episodes where Shahwar was, in all honestly, quite a bit of an arse, enticing Mehwish with the promise of a better life, including having that conversation with her when he took her to Islamabad. This is not to say that Mehwish was innocent in the matter but pinning all the blame on the woman was a very convenient escape for Shahwar.
  • What was the point of introducing Hania’s character in the drama anyway? The ring was returned to her, Humayun clearly was never in love with her to make it believable as any sort of a love conflict and in the end, Rumi too ended up with his mother. By the end of the show, and especially through the last episode, she was made out to be pretty irrelevant to the whole story. (Although hers was one the few characters that I actually liked on the show and was rooting for!).
  • In the scene where Danish goes to meet Mehwish, and is standing at the door, it is literally clear to both parties that he is collapsing because of a heart attack. Danish tells Mehwish to not touch him and Mehwish proceeds to cry silently instead of calling an ambulance or even Monty and his wife. I mean, it is one thing to romanticise the whole situation but another to completely ignore common sense and wait for a man to literally die at the doorstep.
  • Once Danish is in the Operation Theatre, he calls in Rumi to talk to him, and then tells the doctor he doesn’t want to wear an oxygen mask, to which the doctor happily agrees. I mean, whattt, who is this doctor that lets a patient on an OT table decide that he doesn’t want to wear an oxygen mask!
Capture 4
  • Danish’s character showing Rumi the flat line on the heart monitor is one for the books. For anyone who does not know what a flat line means, it basically means that the heart has stopped beating aka the patient is not alive anymore. And logic would say that if you are not alive, you cannot really be carrying out a conversation with your son!
  • Part of me was absolutely gutted for Rumi. First he was made to suffer through his parents’ fights and divorce, then through the power struggle between the two, including the mother emotionally manipulating the child about ‘Teacher Hania’ and then finally, he was put in a situation where he had to see his father die in front of his own eyes. I mean that’s enough trauma to last a lifetime for the poor child, no matter how wise beyond his years he’s meant to be shown.
Capture 5
  • Mehwish’s character got a pretty good end, given that she wasn’t super keen on living with Danish anyway. She only really came back because Maham kicked her out of her house and Shahwar couldn’t care less about her once Maham arrived. Because just before that, she was quite happy for Shahwar to ‘teach Danish a lesson’ after Rumi refused to meet her at the school. In the end, she got her son, and the money! I would have wanted to see at least one scene with her and Rumi where Rumi tells her that she was the one who destroyed their family.
Capture 3
  • For a drama whose biggest strength was its pace and dialogues, the last episode was painfully slow with barely any memorable dialogues. Just take a look at the last 15 minutes. I mean from the point where Danish collapses at Mehwish’s doorstep, it was pretty obvious that Danish was not going to get out of this alive. And because of the dragged scene, the emotions and shock value of the ending was massively diluted, even with Humayun Saeed’s BRILLIANT acting.

What did you think of the episode? Do you agree with our point of view? Let us know!

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