Velo Sound Station – The Atif Aslam Edit: What We Liked What We Didn’t

Sooooo Velo Sound Station is here to make commercial music more inaccessible to the average homegrown singer, wanting to make it big in Pakistan. Butttt, the music isn’t so bad. AND it has Atif Aslam, and we all know you can’t go wrong with Atif Aslam. Music show not going well, add Atif Aslam. Movie box office is not nice, Atif Aslam ke gaaney daal dijiye. Shaadi mein maza nahi aaraha? Atif Aslam is your man. Missing your ex? Atif. Wanna send a song to your bae? Duh. Want to express religious sentiment? YEP. Feeling patriotic? He’s your guy. Biryani mazay ki nahi bani? You guessed it, namak kam hai.

But no, seriously. I let out a little squeal when I saw Atif Aslam’s song come out, in the first edition. Because he literally is a legend among us mere mortals. And yes, I’m every bit of an Atif fangirl as I sound.

Coming back to the music. Compared to the original, it’s obviously veryyy different from it, but there’s something nice about it. A pop, preppy version that will make a whole other generation get on their feet and dance. Atif’s voice takes it to a whole other level. But it ends at that. If anyone else had sung this song, it would’ve been more than underwhelming, because Atif really is the saving grace of the song.

What We Liked:

  • Atif’s blue sequined jacket

Damn, Atif can just pull everything off, can’t he?

  • The original song

Absolutely love love love the original song, it has a heartbreakingly cute vibe to it. And it’s a song we have all grown up listening to.

  • Atif in the BTS

Uff the amount of respect this man has for his predecessors in the industry, is heartwarming. There’s no secret why he is always asked to pay tribute to the legends of this industry.

  • Atif’s voice

We love him, beinteha.

  • Atif’s cutie dance moves (but only cuz it’s Atif)

Hehehe, after the ‘Aa Raha Houn Mein Zindagi’ music video with Tiger Shroff, I’ve been looking forward to every opportunity to watch Atif dance. 2 cute.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The dancing audience

Oh God. Please stop. Please.

  • The vertigo inducing camera angles

Not too nice for those Instagram boomerangs, though.

  • The artists being made to dance (clearly not in their comfort zones)

I mean…why…why distract people from the music? And since when have we been known for dancing well?

  • The lip sync

Uff, it was far too obvious. Almost heartbreakingly obvious.

  • The dancing

I don’t think I can crib about the dancing enough.

  • Bilal without Faisal

That’s not a pair you should ever separate. When it said just ‘Bilal Maqsood’, I had to spend the rest of the night, picking up the pieces of my shattered heart.

The new songs come out, tonight. Let’s see what else is gonna happen.

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