Iqbal Day 2020

“Khudi ko ker buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle,⁣
Khuda bande se khud poochay bata teri raza kya hai?” ⁣

On Iqbal Day today, we are commemorating Allama Iqbal’s birth by revisiting some of his most poignant poetry. ⁣

This particular couplet, that we have been hearing since we were kids (I guess Junoon also had a part to play in its popularity), has a much deeper meaning, that I only realised much later on in life. ⁣

The idea of everything that happens in our lives being pre-destined is a complex one to understand, which makes this couplet a little complicated too, but to put things simply, this emphasises on Iqbal’s idea of self-worth and the realisation of one’s own potential. ⁣

Work hard towards your goals, with so much determination and grit that God enables you to change your own destiny. 🖤⁣

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