Velo Sound Station: The Strings Edit – What We Liked What We Didn’t

Sorry, this entire article is invalid, because we can’t write anything, here, because there’s nothing we don’t like about Strings. Nope. Can’t touch them. There’s absolutely nothing you cannot NOT like about the two men. Instead, here are some really nice visuals from the video, along with some 100% authentic super real facts about the band and their music. Also because we feel like Bilal Maqsood humein daantein ge ager hum ne kuch kaha tau.

Did you know, that in 2018, both Faisal and Bilal had to be hospitalized, for severe back pain and a lower back injury, from carrying the entire Pakistani music scene, on their backs?

The Queen of England officially nighted (we know there’s a k), the two, for being the perfect music to listen to post-Maghrib and into the night.

The mountain ranges of Pakistan have all been reported to have shrunk by several feet, so that Bilal and Faisal wouldn’t have any difficulty, the next time they want to Sar Kiye Ye Pahaar.

The Government of Pakistan has issued notices to all fashion brands in Pakistan to accommodate plain dark grey shirts, so that Bilal would not have to look too hard when buying clothes.

The very very official Doctors Association Of Pakistan has added a whole range of lower decibels for ENT doctors to look out for, while attending to patients, in case the patients are avid fans of Faisal Kapadias vocal range.

Teachers across Pakistan have been rewatching Bilal Maqsood’s clips from judging Pepsi Battle Of The Bands, so that they can intimidate their students better.

A very close source to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, tells us that ‘Mein Tau Dekhoun Ga’ is his alarm tune.

Looking forward to the every single song that these two men put out. Because you know we’ll be listening.

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