Lahore’s Favourite Restaurant Is Bringing You A New Andaaz In The Same Old Andaaz

For years, now, we have had one restaurant that has dominated the food scene and our conversations with people about food: Andaaz.

Fine dining in the Old City of Lahore and Andaaz have been synonymous with one another since the 13 years of its inception. Yep, 13. Feel old, yet? Well you shouldn’t. Because, like Andaaz, we’re sure you have also only gotten better with age. 

So yes, Andaaz is celebrating its 13th year, this year. And they want to announce their anniversary with a bang you’ll hear across the city. But more on that, later. 

Andaaz has always tried to give their audience something different, something out of the box, and something absolutely scrumptious. Whether it has been their truly authentic menu, or the fact that they only use the best of the best of the best ingredients (which shines through in their products), quality has never really been an issue for Andaaz.

What has really struck us, in the past many years of their existence, is the fact that not only have they provided employment to the underprivileged, who would otherwise not have access to a better lifestyle and better jobs, they have also empowered them and trained them enough to work at other places and be the flag bearers of their name and work. Whether it is employing people from minority genders and the LGBTQ+ community, to giving employment and a voice to people from the heera mandi district. 

Talking about Andaaz celebrating their 13th anniversary. One of the most intriguing factors about their anniversary is the anniversary, itself. Not a lot of people celebrate the number 13; instead, they usually run away from it.

However, the management and people behind Andaaz decided to do away with all such superstition and exclaim their sheer joy of entering their teens! Like everyone should. 

While the journey behind Andaaz and the experiences building up to its inception are interesting enough to go on for another few thousand words, Andaaz’s own journey is equally intriguing. However, it is the future that matters more, now. 

Andaaz offers you a desi fine dining experience, right opposite the spellbinding Badshahi Mosque, and it does so like no other. With a table full of food you can’t get enough of, and a view you can’t take your eyes off of, you really can’t go wrong with life.

Having a chef as an owner, they’re revamping their menu – adding more interesting items to it, to cater further to the almost bored Lahori palette, reworking some of their existing items and enhancing the overall Andaaz experience. 

They are also redoing the space up, to add to the ambiance of the restaurant. And if you, like us, also shied away from really tall buildings without elevators before, and are still clueless, after talking to Ahmed Chema, the owner and force behind Andaaz, we would like to tell you that they put up elevators in place for a few years, now. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a table, but not so close to other patrons, because you also need to stay safe and practice social distancing. And we’ll see you there.

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