Calling All Pakistani Fashion Lovers: This London Based Brand Is Going To Make Your Wardrobe Ten Times Better And It’s Right Here

Have you also always wondered how much nicer it would be if we, within Pakistan, had access to global brands? Have you ever looked at your London wali cousin with a liiittle tinge of jealousy when you see her wear the latest fashion trends, and you don’t really know why you can’t get them here, in Pakistan? Do you also get siiick of waiting or someone to fly in, so they can bring you that pair of shoes, or that bag, you’ve set your sights on. Even if it does kinda get damaged on the plane? It’s okay it’s okay. That’s how life is, no?


Gone are the days when you’d have to wait weeks to get your packages within the country. Or to dive into the latest trends. Because Dune London is going to solve all your problems for you.

You heard us, the 28-year old brand, based in London, has brought a whole new world of chic, glamorous footwear to our doorstep.

According to the Managing Director, Abeer Javed (this guy!)

Dune Pakistan, the availability of international brands not only gives customers a wider array of products to choose from, but it’s also beneficial for the market and the industry, itself. Not to forget the boost in competition from both local and international brands!

London is truly the fashion capital of the world, with ethnicities and people from all over the world, it truly is a multicultural heaven! And for Dune to be one of the leading brands in that market is reason enough to be absolutely in love with the brand and to trust their products and their quality. But knowing that the ensuring the quality of materials, accessories and even the packaging has been a pillar for the company, only reaffirms our faith in the brand.

It’s little wonder that fashion icons, from all over the world, are spotted in Dune shoes and accessories. Icons the likes of Pippa Middleton,

Nicole Sherzinger

and Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, herself, have all sported Dune accessories, over the years

and do you blame them? Just look at these! This Elle! Magazine recommended brand has products for any and every outfit to add that touch of class!

And these bags, you’d want to take with you to a nice Sunday brunch

Abeer Javed, Managing Director Dune Pakistan, is true to the last T when he says that the Dune brand is both sophisticated and stylish. And offers shoes and accessories that will complete any outfit. From killer heels to chic everyday ballerina flats, statement boots and the perfect court shoe that will take you from day to night in effortless style, Dune provides the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Don’t know about you, but we’re kinda headed over to get ourselves some solid retail therapy!

One thought on “Calling All Pakistani Fashion Lovers: This London Based Brand Is Going To Make Your Wardrobe Ten Times Better And It’s Right Here

  1. This is exciting news. With access to global brands within Pakistan, local brands will have to up their game and finally retire their old & useless designs.


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