Here’s How Ehd E Wafa Is Changing The Way Modern Day Love Stories Are Told

Okay, we’ve all established one thing, we all LOVE Ehd e Wafa. The show has offered us something that our television had been lacking for a really long time. After ages, we finally have a show where the entire family can sit and watch and actually enjoy. The show has given us what not a lot of shows had given us before. Whether it was the beautiful locations in Yakeen Ka Safar, the love triangles in Sanam, the saas-bahu and mazloom aurat angles in Humsafar and Lamhe. There are no star crossed lovers like Mannu and Salahuddin.

What this show has offered us is an insight into modern relationships.

The relationships that have been shown in the show, are nothing short of being absolutely beautiful. We have Shahzain and Rani. When they initially showed the two of them together. The first thing that crossed our minds was that this would be a heavily man-centric relationship. That Rani would find it difficult to not only get Shahzain to love her, or to pay attention to her. But she would also struggle to find equality within the relationship. But boy oh boy. Did Mustafa Afridi and Saife Hassan turn the tables on us or whatttt. Rani takes the reins of the relationship in her hands. She campaigns extensively for Shahzain’s political career. She takes a firm stand for her husband, in front of her father and brother. She takes the legal route when she feels like her husband has been wronged by her brother. She shows Shahzain that, in no way, is she lesser than him. And Shahzain, stands by her every step of the way. Albeit, initially uncomfortable with a few ideas, he gives into what Rani wants. HOWEVER, at absolutely NO point do you feel either Shahzain or Rani are being unreasonable with one another. Or trying to put the other person down in the relationship. And that’s beautiful. Rani has changed the way Shahzain was. He was pretty ruthless, a little cold-hearted, and extremely hotheaded. We believe that Rani had a lot to do with calming him down.

obi zaaaara

When it comes to Saad and Dua. This duo equally warms our hearts. There is respect and love in the relationship. They respect each other’s time and space. They knew when it was time to step back from the relationship and focus on becoming something in their lives. Dua, an aspiring doctor and Saad, struggling to get through cadet college to make his family proud, to make something of himself. We see their relationship go through more ups and down within a few years than most relationships see in a lifetime. But they stand strong. Whether it is the passing away of Dua’s father, Saad’s posting in Waziristan. Whether it was Saad leading his people in Kashmir, or Dua becoming a doctor and enlisting in the Army. The two stood by each other through everything, considering each other equals.

ahad alizay

Sherry and Masooma also present a different angle on modern relationships. Masooma travels to a whole other city to pursue her education. She’s still rooted into the norms she’s gotten from her family and house. She feels the need to bring Sherry chai and food, when he comes home. And that irks him. Because he wants her to break free from the domestic shackles that he thinks she’s got around her feet. However, she does it out of choice. And we later find out that she does it out of love. Masooma, like the silent powerhouse that she’s been shown to be, goes up to Sherry and proclaims her love for him. Asks her to marry him. But Sherry won’t have any of it. He wants her to study further. To establish herself, because nobody’s gonna do it for her. He does so also so that he can focus on his studies, and provide a better life for his family. But there’s a constant ‘I want you to do better’ in life, back and forth going on in their relationship. And that’s absolutely beautiful.

sherrry masooma

I’ll have to admit, I was a little (very) apprehensive about Shariq’s character, in the beginning of the show. But God damn he’s become one strong character! What’s extremely endearing, apart from his refusal to bow down to oppressive authority, is his relationship with Ramsha. While it’s usually the other way around, in Pakistani dramas, it was Ramsha who gave Shariq his first big break. Who was his senior at work and took him under his wing. And from there on, the two didn’t leave each other’s side. Ramsha willingly left her job when Shariq had to leave, because the two realised that they could build their careers a lot better if they worked together and on their own. The two have propped each other up emotionally and professionally since the beginning and it’s only getting better.

wahaj hajra

Although, we’re bummed that Ramsha/Hajra Yamin hasn’t gotten her due, from not only the audience, but also we feel the makers of the show. She’s a force to reckon with, not just as Ramsha, but Hajra’s portrayal of the character is brilliant! We definitely want to see her being represented more on the branding of the show and in promotions!

hajra yamin

Apart from the main 4 couples, there are two that we really want to highlight. Saad’s parents: played by graceful tareen Vaneeza and our bachchpan ke hero Faraz Inam. The two have supported every decision that their kids have made. The two have been together through thick and thin and have been supporting their children in all their decisions. They truly are forever couple goals ~

dua parents

Dua’s parents have been an inspiring duo, as well, before the unfortunate demise of Dua’s father. The two stood up for and by their daughter even when the entire family was against it. The father, without batting an eye, believed his daughter when she told him Saad was just a friend and that Raheel has been the one creating problems. Dua’s parents, together, have shown that progressive parenting DOES have space in Pakistani dramas. We just need to try a little harder and stop with the toxic parenting and the smothering and needless shaming of our character.

faraz vaneeeeza

we can’t wait to see what the final episode of Ehd e Wafa has in store for us. Part of us doesn’t wanna watch it because we’re pretty scared of what we’ve anticipated. And part of us can’t wait to watch our favourite characters on screen, again. Until next time, okay byeee ~

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