Amina Z and StageLine join hands for a beauty masterclass

Who doesn’t like a beauty masterclass, especially one that is conducted by Amina Z, one of the leading makeup artists in Lahore and the woman behind the Amina Z Salons. Presented by StageLine, it was a fulfilling day as we got to learn Amina’s tips and tricks at her Defence Z Block salon.

Amina created two different looks during the course of the day -a traditional bridal look, on the stunning Humaira Asghar Ali and an understated look ideal for dinners and parties.

Using StageLine’s state of the art products, Amina demonstrated the right techniques to prep the skin, apply foundation and create looks that went beautifully with the couture ensembles by Chinyere. It was interesting to know that StageLine has a really good range of eye palettes that can be used dry as well as wet.

The masterclass was followed by a tea reception, organised by Transmedia, for the media and the students at The Nishat hotel, where members of the media were able to see the looks created on Humaira and Hira up close.

Speaking about the collaboration, Rabia Usman, head of StageLine said that they wanted to familiarise students with StageLine products so that they can benefit from high quality, accessible products and working with Amina Z allowed students to learn from the top experts in the field.

Have a look at some exclusive tips and tricks, courtesy StageLine, below.

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