#SPARTY at Mariam Khawaja’s

Ever wondered what the best girls day out looks like? Well, we were invited to be a part of an Exclusive Spa Party and Makeup Maestro, Mariam Khawaja’s salon in Gulberg, Lahore and the best time unwinding.

Mariam has established herself as one of the top names in Lahore for makeup but what is a lesser known fact is that there’s a lot more than makeup and hair at the salon. The salon offers services and treatments including luxe massages for both brides to be as well as regular clients.

The afternoon started with Mariam’s staff receiving us and taking us to the spa suite where I was treated to a neck and shoulder massage to release all my stress and tension that gets stored in the area.

The massage was followed by a manicure and pedicure where Mariam herself was looking after the guests as the most hands on hostess. Special shootout to her as she ensured that all the girls ate the delectable nibbles on hand. Pink Pistachios mini tarts and Dessert Directory brownies kind of made sure that no one remembered their diets ;).

Thank you, Mariam, for such a relaxed afternoon with high quality treatments and services, yummy food and most importantly lots of happy albeit nonstop chatter. We can’t wait to be back at the spa!

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