Here’s why you should take this 14 Day Challenge!

If you follow us on Instagram, you would know that we have been raving about challenge and halfway to the end, the results are there to see. the new skincare range from Physiogel. We asked beauty expert, Ayesha Babar, to test the products for us and boy is she pleased with the results thus far!


The lovely skincare basket from Physiogel has been a godsend this winter season. The company is renowned for its products, carefully designed for sensitive skin, to give it the nourishment it needs while gently moisturising it. As I have normal to dry skin during the winter months, I picked these products that were best suited to my skin type.


The Daily Defence Protective Day Cream (light) also has SPF15 which is ideal as it makes sure your skin is protected during the day. I have often stressed the importance of using sun protection and most women often forget to use it or simply feel too lazy to apply it as they find it cumbersome to use an additional product as part of their routine. The SPF15 Day Cream has a smooth creamy texture and blends invisibly into the skin. My favourite thing, however, about the product is that unlike so many other creams, it comes with a pump. As someone who hates wasting product it is ideal as I can take out just the amount I need!


The Daily Defence Replenishing Night Cream had become a regular part of my night time skin routine as I have been religiously massaging a generous amount onto my face after cleansing and toning it. It has helped me wake up with baby soft skin every morning.


The Daily Moisture Therapy Body Lotion has the hydration of body butter but the consistency of a lotion which is ideal for those of us who don’t like that heavy feeling that thicker creams can sometimes give.

One week into the challenge, I am really liking how my skin has become smoother and softer with the Physiogel skincare range. Watch this space for the final results of my 14 Day Physiogel challenge. I definitely feel ‘free in my skin’!




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