Bano Qudsia, in remembrance.


Inna lilahe wa Inna Ilahe rajioun.

Growing up, these two were such a massive influence on my life. My parents would take us to the ‘baithaks’ at their place and we would sit there for hours listening to Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia talk about life. As I moved cities, those experiences and life lessons stayed with me, close to my heart as guiding principles.

We lost Ashfaq Ahmed sahab a few years ago and now Bano Aapa – the world does seem a lot less bright today.

I’d smile every time I drove past their home, Daastaan Saraye, remembering the glorious afternoons spent there. I will, still, for I know that these two and their memories will live on forever in my heart.

Haye, woh baatein.



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