Bano Qudsia, in remembrance.

Inna lilahe wa Inna Ilahe rajioun. Growing up, these two were such a massive influence on my life. My parents would take us to the ‘baithaks’ at their place and we would sit there for hours listening to Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia talk about life. As I moved cities, those experiences and life lessons stayed with me, close to my heart as guiding principles. … Continue reading Bano Qudsia, in remembrance.

Junaid Jamshed, in remembrance.

As yesterday’s events set in, the heart hurts even more. Junaid Jamshed (and Vital Signs) were in some ways the face of a very hopeful childhood. The music they made was all around us – from singing Dil Dil Pakistan with thousands of others at cricket matches at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore to crooning Yeh Shaam with the family at the winter bonfire nights. Aitebar was … Continue reading Junaid Jamshed, in remembrance.