For any millennial, Space Jam was the sports film to watch. Released in 1996, the combination of Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan was an epic spectacle and created a magical experience for its time. Fast forward 25 years, the Tune Squad are back with LeBron James taking the wheel and directed by Malcolm. D Lee, we are thrown back to the nostalgia with an addition of modern-day quips that every generation will understand.

Basketball legend, LeBron James and his son Dom (played by Cedric Joe) have your typical father-son relationship; they have their ups and downs. Dom wants to grow up and be a video-game developer as opposed to following his father’s footsteps, which builds a tense bond between the two. However, circumstances find them being trapped in the Warner 3000 Server-Verse, a virtual space ruled by an A.I. called Al-G Rhythm who is played by Avengers star, Don Cheadle. After Dom is captured, LeBron is determined to save him and recruits Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and the rest of the Looney Tunes crew who are voiced Jeff Bergman, Eric Bauza and Zendaya, to help. They are to win a basketball match against the Goon Squad, controlled by Al-G and are virtual avatars of professional basketball stars.

The words ‘Looney Tunes’ throw us back to our childhood where there wasn’t a care in the world. Every generation knows who Bugs Bunny is and Daffy Duck is, so there’s no excuse for anyone to not understand what is happening. The portrayal of the father-son relationship is quite relatable and you get a fuzzy feeling seeing Le Bron and Cedric together; even though they have their misunderstandings. Even the Looney Tunes gang amazes and the references to pop culture is hilarious, that you can’t help but giggle.

All in all, Space Jam: A New Legacy is a delightful watch and shares the message to believe in what you think is right and pursuing what makes you happy. 


Space Jam: A New Legacy is out in UK cinemas on 16th June 2021

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