From Dark Circles to Dark Spots, From Acne to Sunscreen, We’ve Got The Solution To All Your Skincare Problems

For the last 28 years, I’d not really been a big fan of ‘taking care of my skin’, like all the other people around me did. I never spent hours looking for that perfect face wash or have a nighttime skincare routine. And that’s the face I walked into the Halcyon Medical Centre with, much to the consulting doctor’s dismay. So I sat down with her for my very first skin consultation, and needless to say, I was quite sharminda. Dr Samima at Halcyon Medical Centre introduced me to a wide range of Pakistani skincare products, called Rijja Skincare, and when I say wide range, I mean wiiide. 

Given my non-existent relationship with skincare, I had a lot of queries and I got all my answers, too. And I just wanted to come around and share them with you guys, because you never know what might come in handy, for anyone. I’ll be linking all the products that were recommended to me and that I’m using, so it’s easier for everyone to access them. If you’d like to take a look at the rest of the products, they’re all available at

I started off asking about the skin pigmentation around my lips, that’s just been there since as long as I can remember, because I’ve always been an outdoors child. Dr Samima at Halcyon Medical Centre recommended C Lightening Serum, which is a Rijja Skincare product. 

The C Lightening Serum works within the skin, causing it to brighten up, reduce dark spots, hyperpigmentation, scars, uneven skin tone, and more. So it was just what I needed.

Another Rijja product that she recommended is the Retinol – Ultra Night Serum, which I now religiously apply to my face before sleeping, to prevent further damage caused by direct exposure to the Sun.

And of course to use the broad spectrum Allure -50 sunscreen, in the daytime. So that my skin is protected from the sun.

Not to forget, I was asked to change my face wash, which I’d been using without paying much attention to the ingredients and skin type it was for. Instead of my blindly chosen face wash, I was recommended to use the Maxac face wash, instead. Which now makes my skin look super fresh, clean my pores, and legit makes me feel refreshed, first thing in the morning

If you’re wondering why I’m advocating these products so much is because I’ve personally tried their services and, now, their products. And not only am I extremely proud of the fact that this brand is locally produced, so you get it absolutely fresh, off the rack, unlike imported products and also because it’s been created after a lot of research. Consultations between industry experts and dermatologists and actual scientists, are what have resulted in Rijja Skincare products coming to life. Moreover, these products are free from all steroids and mercury, which is very rare to come across, in skincare brands. So I will forever recommend these products.

Okay now, back to my many skin-related issues and many horrible anti-skincare habits. One of my worst habits is to pick scabs off of wounds, which eventually leave really bad scarring. So I have some dark spots all over my body. And of course, she had a Rijja solution for me: the Clear Skinamide-Pro

Which helps with clearing blemishes and fixing enlarged pores and getting rid of dark spots and acne spots, anywhere on the body. It is also called my personal lifesaver, because I couldn’t wear heels in the middle, due to the big dark spots on my feet.

The last of my skin problems is actually not a problem for me at all. I lost a decent amount of weight, in the last few years, but that left some very prominent stretch marks on my body. Now don’t get me wrong AT ALL, I wear them like my battle scars, but I’d also like clearer skin for those saree blouses. And with the Rijja Bio-Care Oil, I’m one step closer to achieving that. 

The Bio-Care Oil makes the skin firm and moisturises it, smoothens rough skin, and supplements the skin in every way possible, including by replacing the skin’s natural oils. And for those of you who are dreading ageing, the skin also smoothens out ageing skin, all over the body and the face.

That was the end of my very long list of skin-related issues, however, my mind was blown away by the quality of the rest of the products from the Rijja Skincare range. They’ve got an amazing serum to reduce and eventually get rid of dark circles. They’ve got a Botanical Hairspray that reduces hair loss, promotes hair regrowth, fixes split ends and strengthens hair. They’ve also got an acne control serum, called the Mandelax Serum, among many other products. Not only do they have serums, they also have supplements for the betterment of your skin, body, hair and overall health.

Don’t just take my word for it, while researching the brand, I also came across a few celebrities and influencers fully endorsing the product range, including Rea Moammar Rana, who is an authority on makeup and skincare

The very stunning Sadia Faisal also only has amazing things to say about Rijja Skincare.

You can find all these products and more at and also at the Halcyon Pharmacy! 

I just feel like it was high time that we had a brand that produced skincare and supplements of this quality and with this amount of research that went into the production of these products. I was highly highly impressed with the staff at the Halcyon Medical Centre, the knowledge that the consulting doctor possessed, and of course, Rijja Skincare products.


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