Tom & Jerry: The Classic Cat and Mouse Chase is Back!

If you are a millennial or the parent of one, or for that matter the child of one, knowing that there is a new Tom & Jerry movie out now, will get you excited.

The new Tom & Jerry movie, which is now available to rent for home viewing, is a live-action animation feature length film, set in a grand New York hotel. The film takes us to the iconic cat-and-mouse chase (literally!) that we have all grown up loving. This time, the makers have set the story against the backdrop of a new hotel employee Kayla (the very able Chloë Grace Moretz), struggling to make her mark, while organising the event-of-the-season wedding of two social media stars Preeta (Pallavi Sharda) and Ben (Colin Jost), and getting caught up in the classic Tom & Jerry equation. (P.S. the desi twist also means we get to see some rather gorgeous clothes courtesy the London -based multi designer boutique, Aashni &Co. )

If you are an avid fan of the shorter episodic version of the cartoon, then you will definitely enjoy watching this feature length version too. It does take some getting used to though, with only the animals being animated. After that, it is a fun ride.

Watching an adaptation of characters that are as popular as Tom & Jerry is bound to bring up comparisons but I enjoyed this more modern version – where influencers are being influencers and trying to get every last detail of their extravagant affair, picture perfect (pun intended!) for their millions of followers.

This long weekend, get the family together and revisit the warring pair that continues to win over audiences generation after generation!

Tom & Jerry is available to rent at home in the UK. Watch the trailer here.

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