Pakistan’s Best Selling Biscuit Manufacturer, EBM launches all-new ‘Smile Donuts’

After taking the cake market by storm with the launch, ‘Cake
Up’, Pakistan’s leading biscuit manufacturer, EBM – Makers of Peek Freans – has now introduced the
Peek Freans Smile Donut Cake – a center-filled donut cake coated with icing and sprinkles and
enriched with creamy goodness. 

Peek Freans Smile Donut comes in two delicious flavors; Chocolate and Strawberry. These irresistibly
soft and delicious donut cakes present a delightful twist – a delectable center-filled surprise of
creamy filling along with a coating of sugary icing and sprinkles. With the launch of this donut cake,
EBM aims to cater to the masses by making high quality donuts that are more accessible and
affordable with a price of just RS 25.
While talking to the media about the launch, the DGM Marketing for EBM, Aaminah Saeed, said,
“EBM has always ensured to provide consumers with innovative treats and convey a brand message
that makes a difference to society. With the launch of Smile Donut, we aim to serve as a reminder
for our consumers to smile more often, something that people usually forget in the hustle and bustle
of everyday life. We hope that every bite of this unique, creamy treat brings you joy and happiness.”

Shahzain Munir, Director at EBM, added “For years, we have been serving the nation with our
delicious delicacies and we are now excited to introduce our latest brand in the cake segment. At
EBM, we always strive to provide our consumers with the best experiences and we hope people will
enjoy this new treat as much as they love other products offered by us.” 

Three years ago, EBM launched Peek Freans Cake Up which has won Pakistan’s first ever Effie Award
in the Snacks and Desserts category. The Award honors extraordinary achievements in the field of
marketing and is already a symbol of success worldwide. EBM has always emphasized on new ways
it can connect with its target market with unique concepts and ideas, a vision which has enabled
EBM brands to earn such highly esteemed accolades.

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