‘I’ve had enough’: Amir Khan tells wife and family

British Pakistani boxer, Amir Khan has finally told his wife, Faryal Makhdoom to stop divulging details of their private feuds to the media.


In a strong worded statement that the celebrated boxer shared on Twitter, he said:

‘Here is me working my ass off helping the less fortunate with charity dinners and my family and wife are just destroying my name’. Khan also categorically denied rumours that the whole episode was an act to create hype for an upcoming reality TV show based on the Khan family.

Earlier Khan’s wife, Faryal, had alleged, via snapchat posts, that her in-laws had been mentally torturing her and were too controlling. Earlier this week, Khan’s parents presented their side of the story, saying that they had only ever objected to Faryal’s liberal choice in clothes as it was not in line with their Muslim faith.

Read Amir Khan’s complete statement below. Who do you think is on the right side?

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