Looking For The Perfect Winter Wardrobe? Here Are The Top 5 Must Haves From Sitara Studio.

Winter isn’t coming anymore, winter is pretty much here. And along with it, the chance to dress up in the best way possible. Because let’s face it, you look your best in the winters. It’s a universal fact. But the other problem is that you can never find clothes that fit in with your personality, with your style. Don’t worry, have we got a shining star for you. No, literally. Sitara Studio has just opened up a store in Gujranwala and it is the only store you’ll need to go to, for all your winter needs. We went down to the store and got together a list of our top 5 items! It was possibly the most difficult thing we had to do, because we wanted to bag the entire store. The best part is that the collection is not limited to just womenswear, so you’ll always have the perfect excuse to take the men in your life to go shopping with you. Because they’ll be shopping for themselves, too.

Sitara Studio really has brought together the best of all worlds under one roof. And here are our Top 5 items:

  1. This amazing embroidered velvet ensemble, from the Velvet Queen collection, is the perfect choice to wear to a wedding, a nice dinner or even a dholki! This is our favourite piece from the collection!

The Velvet Queen collection has given elegance a new name and is the perfect choice to add that flair in your whole look!

  1. Their ready-to-wear range is a must-have in every working woman’s wardrobe. The easy going patterns will make deciding what to wear (that early in the morning) so much easier! 

We’re definitely copping this piece up because it’s something we can wear to the office, without a second thought.

  1. Their menswear line also seems like a gift that keeps on giving! And in our (very biased) opinion, nothing looks better on a man than a nice, crisp shalwar kameez like his one

Along with this waistcoat that just binds the whole look together! 

  1. Don’t worry, Sitara Studio also has you (and your feet) covered with their pretty updated shoes collection. So you’ll leave with a complete outfit, every single time!
  1. If you want to stand out in a crowd even more, Sitara Studio has got you covered there, too. Their unstitched cloth allows you to be as imaginative as you want to be!

It allows you to style your clothes however you want to, and creates the perfect harmony between the consumer and the brand! And if that isn’t poetic, we don’t know what is! 

Head on over to the newly opened Sitara Studio store in Gujranwala and give your wardrobe the upgrade it needs! 

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