With DUEROS, Jewelry Has A New Name And It’s Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

The one word that pops in my head when I think about accessories is: BORING. We’re a little tired of seeing the same bags, scarves and sunglasses, everywhere for the women and it gets worse for men. The men get the same 6 stereotypical ties, the understated, safe accessories, and they all scream monotony. And honestly, don’t know about you, but I’d want my people dressed better. Alas, the world has been cruel in that aspect.

However, all of that has changed. One Barcelona-based brand has all but changed the entire game of accessories. With unisex’s jewelry. Yep. You heard that. Unisex jewelry.

DUEROS, founded by Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane, in Spain, has taken the heat up a notch and have come up with some amazing pieces, inspired by their travels around the world. They’ve incorporated the different cultures, ethnicities, religions and even people they’ve men, along the way, into their designs. Like this gorgeous piece with Turkish influences.

And this one that you can see and tell of its Brazilian touch, immediately

The very pretty DUEROS products have mostly been handcrafted in Rhodium finished Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Plated and 18K Gold. Wear them and you’ll feel like royalty yourself. And for good reason, the pieces have been carefully crafted by artisans from the culturally rich desert state of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Jaipur itself is doused in a royal history with the palaces and maharajas and royalty, itself. Along with its artisans, Jaipur also provides DUEROS with a touch of extravagance and opulence.

The word DUEROS is a fusion of the words ‘DUO’ and ‘EROS’: DUO stands for ‘2’ and is the DNA of the brand, and it shows in every aspect of the brand, and is ingrained in Kosta and Mehdi’s ideology, behind the brand.

It’s like co-founder, DUEROS, Kosta says, “DUEROS gives the final touch to your look and makes you feel confident and sexy. It is more than just jewelry, it is an expression of lifestyle, a statement. It makes you feel good in your own skin.”

The brand and it’s products are meant to be enjoyed and shared with those you love, and they’re meant to be cherished within the moments you know will stay with you, forever. No matter where you go, your jewelry stays with you, it truly becomes a part of you. And if conventional jewelry isn’t your thing, then DUEROS is the brand for you.

We got a chance to catch up with the owners to talk about how DUEROS came about and how their process works.

How did the two of you come together?

We actually both moved to Barcelona during the same time without knowing each other. We got connected through friends here, 10 years have passed already since then. Mehdi is very creative and I am experienced on the business side, so we were a quite good match to start DUEROS together.

What brought about the brand name and ideology? And which one of the two came first?

The creation of the brand ideology was a step by step process and basically mirrors us as a team and our own lifestyle. It started with the popular necklace with two pendants, the Escapulario (Scapular in English).

We then took this concept of ‘2‘ and imprinted it throughout the whole brand – 2 owners, products with 2 pendants, a mirrored 2 sided logo, the special connection between 2 and also the brand name DUEROS includes the word ‘DUO’ which stands for 2
We are both fascinated by design and fashion, so having the opportunity to create our own products is very fulfilling – even more so if our signature products combine contemporary fashion with a deep meaning and symbology which originated in the 7th century. 

And to complete the DUEROS circle we add the adventures of travelling around the world, the lifestyle of the beautiful city Barcelona and challenge our supporters to live life to the fullest and just feel good. You can see this throughout our videos, photos and in everything we stand for. Our mission is to make our customers feel better, happier and prettier when they jump into the world of DUEROS.

Do you feel that each piece also represents a bit of either of you or both of you?

Absolutely! We create the designs together and only release a new model once we are both happy with it, a rather difficult task sometimes :). But in the end the result is always the best possible solution once we are both satisfied. At the same time there are symbols and designs which you feel more connected to than others, but it is important to have an open mind for everything new.

Why Rajhastan?

Rajhastan is known for its high quality jewelry manufacturing and talented artisans. They are very good in their craftsmanship and we are lucky to have such a great cooperation with our partners there. It is interesting to know that also Cartier is connected to this area especially due to its high quality gem stones. At the same time we are also expanding our manufacturing into Italy, currently evaluating Italian producers. Italians have their very own style and manufacturing techniques, we can’t wait to work with them on new collections very soon.

What is the process of creating a single DUEROS piece? From artisan to customer?

It starts with a simple idea which Mehdi and me draw and refine on the iPad. After that a CAD file is created with all the correct measurements and necessary information. For those of you who don’t know about silver production, it takes several steps from the creation of the first mold to the final silver pieces, which would be too complicated to explain here. Usually we need several rounds of samples until we are happy and before the final design can go into production, polishing and plating with highest quality standards. The final product is sent to our warehouse in Barcelona from where they are sent to our customer all around the world. 

What’s next for DUEROS?

We were just featured on German national TV which was has been great for us. We are taking it step by step and just do what we love, the rest will follow.
Our next big projects are cooperations with Italian manufacturers as mentioned already, which is very exciting for us. New products and collections are in work that will have an Italian influence.
As you will know we are mainly selling online with only a few cooperations with selected boutiques in hot spot locations. We have been putting most of our efforts in the the online sales and we would like to extend and we would like to increase our store presence in unique boutiques worldwide.

We are also looking into growing DUEROS in Asia as this market is very promising for us.
Other than this, we keep doing what we love by creating new products, filming new videos and challenging our followers to be creative with us.

We wish these two and their brand the best of luck and we can’t wait to see DUEROS take over the world.

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