Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar are BFF goals in 7 Din Mohabbat In bts

Whilst the leading stars of 7 Din Mohabbat In, Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar prepare for the release of their upcoming filmtheir on-screen chemistry has been much talked about. Though many may not know that the pair, who have previously worked in Ho Mann Jahaan, also have wonderful friendship and kept each other laughing behind the scenes.


Speaking about her co-star Mahira Khan says that “We’re friends, it helps in a way that we’re very comfortable with each other and the way it doesn’t help is that we’re way too comfortable with each other!” 

The two friends play are set to play each others love interest as the film follows a young man on his journey to find true love.

To find out if he succeeds, watch 7 Din Mohabbat In in cinema screens on 15thJune 2018. 


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