5 reasons you’ll love the ride with this Motorcycle Girl!

What a time to be a viewer of Pakistani cinema. In just the first few months, we have already seen a mix of genres and films that have made audiences around the world to sit up and take notice. Continuing this remarkable streak, is Motorcycle Girl which releases today in cinemas nationwide.

Director Adnan Sarwar’s latest, which has been produced by Jami, is a story of hopes and dreams and how it sometimes takes one moment of bravery to change your life forever.


We decided to make it easier for you by sharing our top 5 reasons you need to go watch Motorcycle Girl soon as:

1 – The storyline: The film is based on the story of real life motorcycle girl Zenith Irfan and takes us on the journey (emotionally and literally!) that she went through as she made a solo trip of over 3000 kilometres from Lahore to Khunjerab (near the Chinese border). This is a story of a young girl, who refuses to give up on her dreams. Writer Adnan Sarwar does an excellent job at translating this inspiring ride to the big screen. There is humour, drama and emotion, without things ever getting OTT. Adnan makes the character relatable to so many young people who are going through similar situations in life and teaches them to keep persevering. As Sohai’s character says in the film – agar hum is aik zindagi mein apnay khwaab puray na karein tau kya faida? (if we don’t pursue our dreams in this life that we have, then what is the point of it? )

MG 4

2 – The acting: Sohai Ali Abro, where have you been all this time? We loved Sohai as the main protagonist playing the various emotions of the character to the tee. Samina Peerzada is flawless as ever playing Sohai’s mother and a we really enjoyed seeing Mehar Bano as her friend. Special mentions to Sarmad Khoosat, Ali Kazmi and Daniyal Raheal for making us feel so strongly about their characters (really trying to not give you guys any spoilers but honestly, just watch the film and you will know!).

MG 3

3 – Some of the best views – and music: The cinematographer has done a fine job of showing us the northern areas like they have rarely been captured on the camera before (of course with a Jami production we would not settle for anything less) and that is saying a lot given that so many of our recent films have been based up north. But yes, you will want to pack your bags and take a trip asap but only after you are done with this film because, the story is gripping enough to make you sit till the very, very end.

The musical score provided by Zulfi adds so many layers to the cinematically rich moments, making the entire film a treat to watch.

MG 13

4 – Breaking the stereotypes: Motorcycle Girl shows us how cinema can talk about important social issues without being preachy. Throughout the film we see Zenith facing discrimination and challenges that we see all around us. Sometimes these come up at work and sometimes in the mall. Through the dialogues and the writing, the film makes us see the truth in our society’s hypocrisy. At the same time, there is a message of such hope, from where you least expect it. We often think that living in the city is a sign of open mindedness but sadly, that might not be the case.

MG 1

5 – The heart: My biggest qualm with Pakistani cinema in recent times has been that while we do an amazing job of tugging heartstrings and getting audiences involved in characters with our dramas, when it comes to the films, we always seem to falter (with the exception of some excellent cinema like Cake!). Not in Motorcycle Girl though. I saw so many men and women in the cinema (including myself, I must admit) who could not help but live through the character’s journey with her. Through her joy and her sadness, our laughter and tears flowed. And if a film can engage audiences to this extent, then what more can you ask for?

MG 10

Kudos to Adnan Sarwar for choosing to tell such an important story and executing it so well. We definitely need more film makers like him who are willing to put in blood, sweat and tears to bring meaningful cinema to audiences.

Long after you have left the cinema hall, you will still be thinking about Zenith with a broad smile on your face.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the cinemas (and please take your families along) to watch one of our favourite films to have come out of Pakistan.

We give this film 4.5 solid stars our of 5!

Watch the trailer here:

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