Rani Mukerji Moved Everyone With Her Note To Her Adira On Her 1st.

It is no secret that Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji are extremely private people. And it is because of that, that we finally get to see baby Adira on her first birthday. Along with finally revealing Adira’s pictures, Rani also put out a heartwarming note, not just for her daughter, but for all the mothers out there, who struggle and put themselves through thick and thin, for the betterment of their children.

The power-house actress expressed the fact that having a baby is scary, and it’s not just a woman who gives birth to a child, the child also creates a mother. She says she barely gets any sleep and that her heart goes out to all the mothers in the world, because now she feels what they have gone through, as well. She spoke about how much she has changed over time and how sudden the change was. But it has led to her becoming more patient and calm, reacting less and be more forgiving.

Like every mother, she wishes her child grows up to be fearless and brave, wise and clever, disciplined and well-mannered, and for her to be a matter of pride for everyone who loves her. Being the amazing mother that she is, she also made it a point to let Adira know that no matter what happens, she will be proud of her.

Within this letter to her daughter, she spoke to every single child in the world when she asked Adira never to get bullied and to always stand up for herself, to never be pressurised by anything or anyone, and to always be responsibly carefree. That when she laughs, it should come from within, and that she should always be happy, and that when she smiles, it should reach her eyes.


First-timer parents sure have their fair share of bloopers, but Rani has given us major Mom goals with this post, and we, at the Orange Wall, hope that every mother and mothers-to-be reads Rani’s letter to her daughter, and to make notes on what values to instill in your children.

You can read Rani’s full letter to Adira here

Source: Twitter


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