Raees Aa Raha Hai & we are damn excited!

The Raees trailer had the whole world waiting with baited breath, and why not? Apart from all the controversy that was abuzz prior to its release, Pakistan’s favourite Mahira Khan was all set to make her debut in Bollywood, with the film. With the recent ban on Indian content in Pakistan, we’re not even sure if the film will ever make contact with Pakistani cinemas, but the trailer sure blew our minds away.

giphy (5).gif

Opening with our favourite Nawazuddin Siddiqui, we can already feel the tension between him and Raees, as is typical North Indian drug-mafia-cartel-booze-smuggler type action movies. Not that we’re complaining.

giphy (6).gif

With the trailer, we see Shahrukh Khan in a role the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Sure, we’ve seen him play the antagonist but not like this. Shahrukh Khan plays the real life Don, Raees Alam -and his life.

giphy (7).gif

Coming to our absolute favourite part, Mahira Khan, of course; Mahira looks like an absolute vision in her introductory shot in the trailer and we were left breathless.  The chemistry between the two completely set our screens on fire! While it is common knowledge that Shahrukh Khan can even have chemistry with a tree if he wants to, but Mahira matches him action for action, scene for scene, smolder for smolder.
We love the roller coaster of emotions the scenes with Shahrukh and Mahira take us on. From romance, to passion, to downright raw emotion.

giphy (8).gif
We see a winking Sunny Leone towards the end, dancing to Laila O Laila, ensuring some good old Masala, as well!

We here at the Orange Wall can’t wait for the rest of the movie to come out. Here’s a link to the trailer for you to see for yourself!

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