Shah Rukh Khan launches newest Facebook App


Shah Rukh Khan
is a self-admitted technology geek and has always been on the forefront of experiencing it. Keeping the same in
mind, Facebook partnered with SRK to test and launch their new
application in India called Facebook Mention. Under Facebook Mention,
there is a facility called Facebook Live.

application is only available for top celebrities currently. This is
Facebook’s way of making it possible for the fans to get closer to their
idols. And for SRK, it is the most useful app to interact with his fans
extensively in a Live Video format.

SRK, the first Indian celebrity to avail this Facebook app, interacted with his fans on Thursday and
took them via this app on the sets of his movie. Facebook has partnered
with few international celebrities to test and launch this feature
world over. In US, they have partnered with Dwayne Johnson. 

Check out the video here for a sneak peak into the life of Shah Rukh Khan! 

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