How Irrfan Khan Proved That He Could ACTUALLY Do Anything

He doesn’t mean to brag, though…

This one man officially proved that he really can do everything by his latest pairing with AIB. He takes upon himself to bring the Bollywood-watching population to its senses as he takes on Yo Yo Honey Singh in Every Bollywood Party Song. When reached for comments, the bitter Singh reacted a little…differently than we expected.

Irrfan and the AIB Boys added their own spin to Yo Yo’s ‘Party All Night’ and completely owned it.

“The video is to make your Monday morning spicy not to take anything seriously except the last line .Hahahah” – Irrfan Khan, 3rd August, via Twitter

Irrfan usually plays very intense characters, so naturally this quirky side of his came as a bit of a very welcome shock. While he usually plays these I’m-sick-of-the-world, or I’m-in-a-job-that-has-no-growth kind of roles, for him to be covered in hot women, and lip-syncing to pop music, seemed like any other role that he manages to pull off with the same amount of ease. It could’ve been another Piku for all we knew…or maybe that’s stretching it a bit.


The video starts off with Irrfan Khan’s secretary showing bharam to Christie aka Christopher Nolan, and the AIB boys egging him to do a ‘party number’ with them, to which he finally agrees. And thus comes out the BEST, and of course Every Bollywood Party Song.

No..he’s not going to fight some Gunday or complain about being single here, and this is not some undercover cop avatar. He’s going to dish out moves you thought this morose, broody actor would have been incapable of, otherwise.

After the video was uploaded onto AIB’s YouTube channel, this is what Khan had to say about the band of boys, in light of their recent controversy

“ when I askd money 4the video I was told after this video u won’t b needing money , u’ll need lawyers .”

You can feel the current Bollywood music industry quivering after hearing this song when Khan sings lyrics like “
When you want to earn 100 crores, just make a party video, apply the auto-tune patch, make lyrics to be so first catchy line, again same line, repeated several times, till it gets stuck in your mind.”

It wasn’t just Irrfan and AIB that took to Twitter to talk about this song. The oddly good-looking Pakistani social worker Jibran Nasir also put in his two pennies in the pot and said “

The @irrfan_k & AIB spoof of Bollywood songs is the reality check all movie fans needed #StopObjectifyingWomen ” 

Also speaking about Every Bollywood Party Song was satirist Nadeem Farooq Parach, “

Irrfan Khan’s brilliant parody of obligatory party songs in Bollywood flicks turns the sleazy exercise into dust .” (obviously sharing the Dailymotion link because..well..Pakistan..thank you, though)

This is not the first time, however, that an actor decided to shed their image of being a serious actor and took to the Internet to put a spin on the way they were previously viewed in the industry. Satyavachan.

We weren’t joking.

On that note, stay tuned for more news and briefs. Till then, take some Ashirwaad. Peace Out.

The video link to Every Bollywood Party Song

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