Krrish 3 – Hrithik Roshan’s Biggest Challenge

Krrish 3 Poster

Hrithik Roshan is back in his superhero guise once more in the hotly anticipated follow-up to ’Koi Mil Gaya’ and Krrish – Krrish 3. The film will dazzle audiences with a thrilling roller-coaster ride of visual effects, stunts and, of course, the very gorgeous Mr Roshan in his superhero costume!.

Speaking about Krrish 3, Hrithik Roshan has revealed that the film was one of his most challenging and demanding to do. The superstar spent a grueling four hours each day in make-up and costume to achieve his unique look complete with high-grade prosthetics and body contour suit.

Portraying as many as three strikingly different looks, Hrithik says the journey for Krrish 3 has been a fairly challenging but rewarding one.Commenting on the hard work involved in making the film, he said: Krrish 3 is the most difficult film. I play two roles. If I want victory again, I’ll have to go through the battle again.”

The shooting of Krrish 3 has tested Hrithik Roshan’s mettle to the fullest, but the talented actor of such mega hits as Dhoom 2, likes challenges of all kinds. The spiritual actor believes that whenever something gets difficult it is his axis point to growth. “The finest steel must go through the hottest fire” is the modular he lives by.

The visual effects team found the shot in which Hrithik jumps from a bridge, which is 2000 meters above sea level, the most difficult shot to accomplish. That one sequence required around 3,000 different shots which were then put under various algorithms to see what would look most natural. A dedicated team of 35 people were concentrating on this one scene for four months. The challenge was to make Hrithik leap in the air for 45 seconds and then land him in an upright position. Keeping in mind minute specifics like: How would a body land? Where would his feet touch the ground? At what speed? And what should be a superhero posture after he takes that leap?

“It was difficult playing many roles In Krrish 3” says Hrithik. “The script of “Krrish 3″ has been such that it challenged each and every character and department from the production to the creative”.

‘Krrish 3′, which is directed by supremo Rakesh Roshan, will be the third instalment in the franchise after ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ (2003) and ‘Krrish’ (2006). Krrish 3 releases globally on 4th November 2013

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