The Royal-tea was fantastic!

@teatimewiththecambridges , a royal blogger whose passion for and knowledge of the Royal Family, particularly of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children, reflects through her impressive Instagram feed, shares her thoughts on the Royal Visit Pakistan. Read on to find out more… The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Visit to Pakistan was yet another example of their quiet transformation into … Continue reading The Royal-tea was fantastic!

Will Priyanka Chopra be Meghan Markle’s bridesmaid?

It is no secret that Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle are something of a BFF Mutual admiration society so we cannot really be blamed for thinking that Ms Chopra might have been asked to be a bridesmaid at the Royal Wedding happening on May 19th. C’mon they have gone to see theatre together and even gone on holidays. However, the Quantico actress has categorically denied … Continue reading Will Priyanka Chopra be Meghan Markle’s bridesmaid?